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Picea® Services

Order a free trial of Picea® Services for 14 days or Picea® Services Volume for 50 transactions.

Picea® Services: Software tools to help the customer, right at the store counter. Perform diagnostics on a phone for repair, transfer personal content to a new phone or securely erase all user content and prepare the phone for resale.

Picea® Services Volume: The premier mobile device solution for repair and refurbishment centers and ITAD processors. It is designed for processing large volumes of mobile devices and consists of three separate services and reporting with flexible integration options and APIs.

All free trial requests are subject to review by Piceasoft. Through this website, a Picea® Services free trial is only available in North and Latin America. In all other regions, please visit the Piceasoft Ltd. website here. A Picea® Services free trial license will be delivered within approximately 2 business days after your request. The Picea® Services free trial will be made available, via email to your email address, with a license key subject to the free trial limitations and a URL to a downloadable install file. Picea® Services is a software product only and can be installed on most Windows PCs and tablets and Mac computers.