Free Picea® Trial

Free Picea® Trial

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Picea® Services

Order a free trial of Picea® Services Point of Sale for 14 days or Picea® Services Volume for 50 transactions.

Picea® Services Point of Sale: Software tools to help the customer, right at the store counter. Enhance the mobile device purchase experience, simplify service and support.

Picea® Services Volume: The premier mobile device solution for repair and refurbishment centers and ITAD processors. It is designed for processing large volumes of mobile devices and consists of three separate services and reporting with flexible integration options and APIs.

The following modules are included:

  • Picea® Switch (Picea® Services Point of Sale only)
    • Easiest and Fastest Switch
    • PiceaSwitch™ transfers all personal content from one phone to another with one click.
    • Complete and safe switch in a few minutes.
    • No extra hardware needed – only a PC and the application.
    • Picea® Diagnostics
      • Comprehensive Diagnostics Suite
      • Device diagnostics solution for Android and IOS smartphones and tablets.
      • Fast and easy device verification tool for repair centers.
      • Picea® Eraser
        • 100% Secure Content Eraser
        • PiceaEraser™ empties and re-writes the device’s memory completely.
        • Enables safe disposal, reuse or resale of mobile devices.
        • Proven by leading mobile industry companies and hundreds of tests.
        • Based on the world’s leading mobile eraser technology.
        • Picea® Verify
          • Ensure a mobile device is ready for resale
          • Apple Find My iPhone and Google anti-theft detection
          • Samsung account detection
          • Rooted device detection
          • Stolen device check against global GSMA blacklist database (at additional cost)

        As this is a free trial, you will not be charged for your order. All free trial requests are subject to review by Piceasoft. Through this website, a Picea® Services free trial is only available for customers in North and Latin America. In all other regions, please visit the Piceasoft Ltd. website here.

        A Picea® Services free trial license will be delivered within approximately 2 business days after your request. The Picea® Services free trial will be made available, via email to your email address as specified during checkout, with a license key subject to the free trial limitations and a URL to a downloadable install file. Picea® Services is a software product only and can be installed on most Windows PCs and tablets and Mac computers.